Simon L. B. Nielsen

This page contains boring info about me, you have been warned!

I am currently 30 years old (if I have remembered to update this page) and live in Denmark.

In spend good part of time spare time working on various parts of FreeBSD which, in my opinion, one of the best operating systems around. I am a FreeBSD committer. Being a committer basically means I can make direct updates to the FreeBSD CVS Repository, which is where all the source for FreeBSD is maintained.

I initially mainly worked on documentation as a member of the FreeBSD Documentation Team, but lately (from 2005) I have been moving to spending a good deal of my "FreeBSD time" on security work. I'm currently Deputy Security Officer and member of the FreeBSD Security Team.

For the Documentation Team I work maintaining the FreeBSD documentation and web site. At the moment I'm mainly working on the web site, and device driver manual pages. My work for the Security Team is mainly co-maintaining the VuXML document which documents security vulnerabilities in FreeBSD, primarily the FreeBSD Ports Collection.

I am also the main administrator of which is a shell/web/mail/... server. A little on-line community has started around it. Naturally runs FreeBSD.

I like to read books (preferably on paper; e-books does not really have the same feeling). My favorite authors are Tom Clancy (primarily his "Jack Ryan" series) and the now late Douglas Adams and his Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy books.

I am currently experimenting with Bugzilla as a TODO list, so you can see what I plan to work on there.

Contact information

Full name Simon Lildballe Buskgaard Nielsen
Nick Chimera
Email: /
PGP / GPG key: My current key has ID 0x27359A51
Finger print: 912B F341 7E90 2049 05B4 3800 87DA 5C0D 2735 9A51
ICQ [1] 9942900
IRC Often in on and #bsd-dk on EFnet

[1] Due to ICQ spam all messages from people who are not on my contact list are simply ignored, so if you want to use ICQ to talk to me, contact me by some other means beforehand.